In response to our nations immediate need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the community's need for cloth masks. 
We have temporarially redistributed our cutting and sewing workforce to immediately accomodate Mask production for
various local and out of state hospitals and companies. Our ability to supply N95 grade masks has been hampered by the
inability of our fabric suppliers to accomodate our requests. Therefore we have begun production on 3.5oz. Cotton Twill masks
with a brushed exterior to prodive as much protection as possible. However, theese masks are NOT designed nor sold as any
type of regulated or tested product specifically for the prevention or barrier to any virus or bacterium.

Isolation Suits

Manufactured in either Disposable or Reuseable materials. They are custom fabricated to each customers specifications

Materials include: Non-woven Poly Propylene with or without PE water barrier film, Cotton or Polyester

Currently avaialable in S/M and L/XL sizes


Our current production of face masks is limited to a "flat" or "pleated" style and a "Curved " style, as shown here. Please note that both styles feature 1/4" or 3/8" inch elastic ear straps and a wired nose bridge to allow the user to conform the top of the mask to fit snugly to the face in order to provide a better seal and help to eliminate fogging of glasses. Flat /Pleated masks are available in one size(7"x9"). Curved Masks are available in 4 sizes: Kids, Med, Large and XL.